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Refund Policy

Learn about Best IPTV Stable's Refund Policy and Find Out When You Qualify for a Refund.

Discover Best IPTV Stable Refund Policy

Please understand and accept that we can’t provide refunds due to technical issues unless you allow us to adequately try to solve them and assist you. If we are unable to resolve your issue within 48 hours, we will provide a refund also if we have 48 hours of downtime. Please contact our live support 24/7 at any time if you need assistance.

Eligibility for Refunds:

Full refunds are available within 3 days of the initial purchase. Refund requests made after this period will be considered for partial refunds based on the amount of time the service was used.

Technical Issues and Assistance:

We do not offer refunds due to technical issues unless you allow us the opportunity to resolve the problem. If we are unable to solve the issue within 48 hours, or if there is a service downtime of 48 hours, a full refund will be issued. Please reach out to our 24/7 live support team for any assistance.

Processing Refunds:

Refunds paid by credit card are processed within 15 to 20 working days, returning funds to the customer’s bank account associated with the debit card. In some cases, processing a refund may take up to 90 days. Please note that Best IPTV Stable is not responsible for delays in refund processing as we do not handle payment services directly.

Contact and Communication:

The Best IPTV Stable support team will be in contact with users regarding the status of their refund requests in all cases.

This policy ensures that our customers have a clear understanding of their rights and our procedures regarding refunds.

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